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Love Alice 2 years ago
I came on Alice’s face one afternoon later in the evening we went out. She had cleaned up but missed a blob in her hair. We went out dancing and she had cum hair. We thought it was hilarious later as I fucked her up the ass
Whatever 5 years ago
Lmao, cheat on your wife and have boring ass sex
lol 5 years ago
like watching two robots fuck. No passion, nothing lol Boring sex life there. Dude isn't even into here and she doesn't even look into him. Fail lol
This milf needs to get pounded 5 years ago
She needs a good fucking
Impressed 5 years ago
I have a couple of friends whom I'd like t bring over to FUCK HER HARD! She needs it, badly. This dude is as boring as watching paint dry, and he clearly can't please her.........
theDr. 5 years ago
Boring, you forgot to add Boring to the description.
Lmfao 5 years ago
My nigga u need to put on sunscreen before u go out.. and why does she have cum on her before the sex happens grimey bitch
DOM 5 years ago
You guys need to spread close to the vest is ok, I guess, but you could triple your money with say, RIO ? You have so much to offer.
Good Luck
Shrimp 2 years ago
that guy looks like a shrimp
fyi 5 years ago
Her name is Sandra Otterson aka Wifey and that dude is her real husband.