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1 year ago
Of course not a muslim
NotaMuslim 8 months ago
Watches any porn video with a girl in a hijab “sHe Is NoT a mUsLim” fucking idiots all of ya.
truth check 1 year ago
absolutely not a muslim, they never show up their hair like that.
Jorge 1 year ago
Looks really fake
1 year ago
Wether you like Muslim or not you don't go around mocking them. She is not a muslim, can tell the way the head scarf is wrapped & how her reactions are. The hair is always covered. This video is not only a hate/racist comment but your making innocent people look bad because you have a fetish for covered women.
Manny 1 year ago
God I would love to know who she is!! Want her to suck my cock like that !! Mmm
sos 11 months ago
is that hallal?
Ahmed 1 year ago
Muslim whore
Mughhhh 11 months ago
He nut in her mouth
9 months ago
"Her" ..... Bigger hands than the driver!